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By Rajeev Kulkarni
August 07, 2014
Category: Dental Procedure
If you are considering restorative treatment for tooth loss, feel free to schedule a consultation at our conveniently located Wethersfield dentistry office on Wells Road. Dr. Rajeev Kulkarni has extensive training and experience with tooth-replacement procedures, including the placement of mini-implants. Dental Implant

Mini-Implant vs. Traditional Dental Implant

What’s the difference between a mini-implant and traditional dental implant? It’s the design of the materials being used. A traditional dental implant is made up of three pieces:
  • Implant – a titanium screw-like piece that’s inserted into the upper and/or lower jawbone.
  • Abutment – the abutment screws onto the implant to bring the implant and restorative tooth replacement together. It can be made up of gold, porcelain or titanium.
  • Restoration – this is the tooth-colored crown that anchors to the abutment, or it can be attached to the implant.

Mini-Implant: Affordable and Convenient 

For a mini-implant procedure at our Wethersfield dental practice, we utilize a one piece jointless mini-implant and abutment combined. A traditional implant has  a separate implant and abutment piece. Failure always occurs at the point of weakness, which is the joint area between the two separate pieces, in a traditional implant. Since a mini-implant is half the width of a traditional implant, there is more bone left to anchor the mini-implant within your jawbone, and a longer mini-implant can be utilized to complement the anchorage. This results in a shorter post-surgical  recovery time. 

Other benefits of a mini-implant include:

  • Lower procedure cost
  • Minimally invasive
  • Immediate results
  • No cutting of the gums
  • No need for sutures
Do you want to learn more about Dr. Kulkarni’s mini-implant certification? We also can discuss a long-term implant replacement insurance plan. Contact us at (860) 721-7151.